Come Dine with Dee

Interested in changing your family’s lifestyle choices for the better? Come Dine with Dee is a fun and interactive family healthy lifestyle programme delivered by Dundee Football Club in partnership with NHS Tayside.

This programme is for families with children aged 6-13, consisting of 8 groups sessions held at our new Gardyne training facility.

The session is split into two halves. The first half is led by NHS staff as they deliver educational activities suitable for the whole family centered around healthy lifestyle choices.

The second half is led by our community football coaches who deliver games allowing whole families to have fun and get active. This includes things such as speed bowling, treasure hunts and obstacle races.

Families will also have the opportunity to meet Dundee FC players and learn more about how they stay healthy and keep themselves in high-performance shape.


To register for our second cohort of Come Dine with Dee, please contact our Head of Education Jack Nelms: [email protected]